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+58: How it went

October 17, 2009

Luckily for me today, we ran at the park right near my house. I left at 6:55 and made it on time.

Not only was it chilly today, but it was windy. I wore a pair of yoga leggings under my shorts. A nike shirt with my new Under Armor Zip up over it. Wool fingered mittens and a winter head band and my hood. After two miles I was so hot!
It was a good week! Bonnie came back after getting over a back injury and Emily was there. Just like in the beginning. Team captain Robin and Mentor Carrie ran with us too.
We did 10 miles this morning! This was my first double-digits run. I really was dreading it all week long. As it turned out it was not as bad as I thought.
This week I finally was able to calibrate my Nike+ wristband, so at least today was accurate. There is new feature on Nike+ now also. They give you splits for your run.
Mile 1: 11:44
Mile 2: 11:44
Mile 3: 16:17
Mile 4: 11:44
Mile 5: 11:44
Mile 6: 11:44
Mile 7: 16:17
Mile 8: 11:44
Mile 9: 11:44
Mile 10: 16:15
My overall pace was 15:15, slow yes but this is an increase in miles. I was amazed to see how consistent I am able to keep my pace. The run miles were all done in 3 min run/1 walk intervals
which I am sure helps me to be consistent. There were some points were we just walked a chunk of the mile, bringing up our overall time. Really all in all not bad.
I want to work on getting a little bit faster now. If I we can keep at that 11:44 mile we can finish the whole marathon in 5 hours 7 minutes and 30 seconds.
That 15:15 mile however will take 6 hours and 40 minutes to finish.
Our normal average pace is 13:23 which will take 5 hours and 51 minutes till the end.
I really want to finish this race in 5 hours.
How do I know all this? Cliff has a pace band tool on their site here, where you can go by finish time or pace. Then you can print a wristband to help you stay on track the day of. It even tells you what miles you should be taking shot bloks or gels!
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