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Down for the count.

October 29, 2009

Monday when I went out for my run, I has having some weird leg pain, in my shin bone. It didn’t feel like shin splints, so I took it slow and kept telling myself just get to there and you can stop. Four slow miles later I was back home. Tuesday I kept feeling like the bone was bruised all over, but there was nothing there. So I rested.

I emailed Coach Jen to see what she thought, and she suggested taking the whole week off. Yikes! I knew that but I feel like I have some issue giving myself permission to not run. I needed someone else’s permission. Weird right. But like she said it’s hard to let yourself do that mentally.
I get worried that I miss a day I will be destroyed for the race. BUT, if I get injured I won’t be running the race. So I’m resting and icing my legs. So I can finish the marathon.
I’ve been reading Marathon by Hal Higdon and in there he talks about overtraining and says that It’s better to be undertrained for the race than to be injured or overtrained and not make it to the starting line.
Back to icing.
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