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3 Mile Buddy Run

February 20, 2010
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Today was our first team “buddy run” where we run together as a team but with out coaches. Today we had 40 minutes on the schedule. At 8am we met up at the Massapequa preserve, AKA The Zero, and my favorite place to run, to find out that the trails were covered in snow and ice still. Boo. So we caravaned down to Cedar creek and did 3 relaxing miles. The 40 minutes flew by with the amazing company and conversations we had. I love running with the ladies! Kuma came with us too, but booked ahead of us. We blamed it on his long legs.

I got to use Garmy but forgot to turn him off after we stopped. So after all the chit chat I realized he was still on and messed up all the time info for the run. However my best pace at some point on the run was 8:38! I don’t know how long I lasted at that though 🙂

I also sold a bunch of Team in Training Bondi Bands, which I have been selling as a great fundraiser. I absolutely love my Bondi Bands for running in! Appreantly so does everyone else on my team, since everyone has been ordering them and a rocking them at practices.

So far my fundraising it rockin’!

After Kuma and I stopped at this crazy ocean themed diner which is gorgeous and got some breakfast. Eggs benedict makes a tasty post run breakfast.

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