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Cut short

February 23, 2010

Yesterday evening I went out for my run only to be back 15 minutes later. While training for Disney I some how aquired tendonitis in my right ankle/foot. It was fine for a while after much babying of it, then all of a sudden about 3 weeks ago it flared up horribly. Not cool. I needed that run yesterday and damn did it start out fantastic. I even tried to run through it. Nope.

I have messed up feet to start off, my whole family does. Last week I finally forked over and got custom orthotics made which I am waiting for as we speak. These are not just any orthotics though, these are pimped out! With some wedges and some pressure nubs that will keep my crazy feet aligned. I need them now though.

My main problem with my feet is plantar fasciitis. And because my arches are non-existent, more problems have developed over time from my body trying to overcompensate for it’s shortcomings. Which brings us full circle to this nagging tendonitis, which needs to disappear.

So after cutting my run short yesterday, I decided to give it a rest from the pavement. Luckily last month Kuma and I joined the local Planet Fitness for a whopping 10 bucks a month each. It’s not fancy, with classes and towels or a pool, but there is cardio equipment and treadmills for monsoon days like today. I had a 30 minute run on the calendar for today, so I hit the elliptical today and the bike.

I impressed myself on the elliptical. I feel like the cardio aspect of it is different from running, but I went at it full force. I kept my heart rate up in the same range as when I’m running, but I felt like it took less out of me breathing wise. I didn’t need walk breaks like I take for running. Amazing!

Followed by some strength training for my dear legs and hips. My goals for this training season, is to be on top of strength training for my legs, hips and core. My posture blows when I’m running, and if I get past out with out my back spasaming it’s a miracle. My foot doctor also said that if I can work on strenghting my legs and hips it will help with a lot of these feet issues.

So until those pimped out orthotics come in let’s hope for the best, and a shot in the foot later in the week.

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