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FUNdraising 101: 100 letters to 100 strangers

February 25, 2010

Our Team in Training chapter mails out 100 donation letters for each participant, postage paid. Seeing as I just hit my family up for money in the past few months, I have to be more creative this second time. Not wanting to let my 100 letters go to waste I decided to to take a long shot, and I sent out letters to people I don’t know.

White Pages has a neighbor search feature. Simply type in your address and see who lives on your block. Sounds crazy, but I figured what do I have to lose. So I sat down, and typed up a letter to my neighbors, explaining that they will be seeing more of my running around outside since I’m training for two half marathon. I included information about LLS, and how their donations will help out along with how they can donate.

I also’ed my fundraising page link, and gave both links. If you are not familiar with, it is a url shortener. You paste in your link and it makes it teeny and cute. I’m most certain this was developed mainly for use with Twitter, since a link can quickly knock out 140 characters.

Being that my block is not huge I typed in addresses on other blocks. I would suggest that you do not trust the names linked to each house, because some of the information was outdated as to who lives where.

I addressed each envelope with “Neighbors At” followed by their address. I also hand wrote their addresses to peak their interest as to why someone is sending them this exciting letter.

Tonight I  turned in my letters to strangers at our social, and we will see what happens. I’m  curious to see what kind of donations I might receive.

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