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No need for speed.

February 28, 2010

“I think I’m getting sick.” I told Kuma last night over a plate of wings at Croxley’s. Dried out and nasty sore throat taste was my tip off. The buffalo sauce helped burn it off temporarily. Off to the Vibe Lounge to see Kuma’s band Royal City Riot play. I kicked off my boots lay there like a slug on the couch. How VIP of me. I just felt so ugh. Friday into Saturday turned out to be that sort of day. I was cranky with a touch of PMS.

Our first coached practice was today. There had been some chatter of cancellation amongst the office. Due to this horrid winter we are having dumped upon us we went with a safe bet and cancelled. There was however, an “unofficial” run. To which I turned the alarm off and rolled back over to sleep this morning. Horrible choice. I probably would have a had a better day. I really needed that run.

Running is my therapy. Whether I’m running by myself or with the team I just feel relieved, even if  my sailor mouth is going. Then usually the rest of the day I feel great or at a minimum, good. I love that I am able to process anything that is on my mind, or chat with my lovely ladies. It’s truly a high point in my day, even when it’s hard to get out the door.

After going back to sleep, I woke up and went to my first day of physical therapy for my foot. I was excited about starting PT and the hope of feeling better and being in less pain. So I got dressed and off I went. Then I waited, and HOUR! Sitting there, waiting waiting waiting.I’m generally not impatient however, there were only three people when I got there. I felt that an hour was too long a wait.

Finally when I went in for the consultation we talked about my running. He asked how long I’d been running, my pace, all that. Then told me that my run walk interval running was not good for me! He tried explaining it to me but I really did not understand how the chemicals break down in my body when I’m running and how that’s bad for me and my running. He thinks that I’m running too fast when I am in a running intveral and that I shouldn’t need a walk break after a three minute run. He said I should be running slower (Slower? I’m already slow!) so that I can run for 20 minutes straight. What? No. I like my intervals, thank you. There are many people that do it and have run several full marathons.

What about Jeff Galloway? He wrote the book, literally, on the run walk method. Run Walk running helps prevent injuries (Yes, I have injuries but they are anatomical problems. Hello flat feet!) and helps you go longer. It’s also better for people who are overweight, older or new runners to train. I enjoy it. It allows me to enjoy running more than running continuous longer stretches. I live every day by breaking things down into smaller tasks, time blocks, or intervals. It gets me through the day. So why wouldn’t I do it with my running?!

Back in the fall I started following Tara Parker-Pope of The New York Times who was training for the New York City marathon this year. She went couch to marathon, using the Galloway method. I followed her stories about her training on her Well blog, and was able to see how effective it was for her. It was so inspiring to follow Tara while I was embarking on my own training. Check out her article on the run walk called “Better running through walking.”

As for me, I will be sticking with the Galloway method. I run for the free therapy, the socializing and I run for a cure. So as long as I’m having fun and not hurting myself who cares? “No need for speed.” as John Bingham would say. Maybe I need a new PT.

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