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To New York or not.

March 3, 2010

13 days. There are 13 days left to enter the lottery for the 2010 NYC marathon. I’m on the fence. I was on the fence. I posted this debate on facebook, went out for a run, and came home to all these notifications telling me to do it (and one telling me that I will have to withhold from the oreos if I do.) I made my case to Kuma and signed up.

Plus Kristin made some of the best points:

1. it’s a 1:4 chance of getting in.
2. NYRR will guarantee your entree after 3 denials, so if you don’t get in but would like to run it in the future, this application would help
3. it’s freakin fantastic
4. you can do it!!
5. you can defer
6. you can do it!!!
7. it’s up there on the “Holy S*#T I can’t believe I did it!” list
8. you can do it!!!

Thanks Kristin!!!

2010 is the year of accomplishment. Why not add a full into the mix?

I was planing on running my first full in Disney with Tina who I did my first half with, in Jan 2011, but I really want NY to be my first. I hold such a special place in my heart for NYC. I’ve spent my whole life living on Long Island, in the shadow on NYC, longing to live there.

There is such an air about the city and her boroughs. There is always something new to discover, some excitement to see. Sorry Long Island, I love you, but I’m having a secret love affair with NYC.

I signed up for membership with the New York Road Runners also. If I get accepted it only cost me 4 bucks! They do a bunch of long training runs in central park for the full, which if I get accepted I want to do. It gets me a discount on all the races they do also. I am going to try and run as much of the NYRR half marathon series as I can, which is a half marathon on each borough of NYC.

When I started training for Disney I was training for the full. I overtrained myself and switched to the half. I believe that happened for a reason. So NYC could be my first, so all my friends and family cold be there.

Now I will play the waiting game for a few weeks and find out if I get picked or not.

On other notes, I had a very good day at PT, followed by a great run with Magdaly, Jackie and Rachel. These orthotics are working out well, my feet feel so supported. It’s almost like little bridges were built to keep under each foot.

After class I did running around and got raffle donations from Stop and Shop and from Applebees’s

Good day pretty pretty pretty good day!

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