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Three Things Thursday

March 5, 2010

1. Last night Kuma and I went to our first meeting of the LIBME, Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts group, at Bobbique. We were not really sure what to expect before going. It could go either way we thought. There was the possiblity of it being a group of brewing snobs, who might turn their noses up at us and our ways. Or we thought it be @#$%^& amazing. It was the latter.

First off the meeting was held at Bobbique, which has an amazing beer selection! The bottle menu had so many bottles I’d never seen before. Kuma had the Blue Point Brewery Rastafa Rye. (You can walk to Blue Point brewery from where we were.) I had the Widmar Brothers Drifter’s ale, and then Tröegs Rugged Ale. Both new to me, and both keepers.

The meeting was fun and informative too. We got to meet many other brewers, who were more than willing to help us out and get back to/more advanced with our brewing. Then the best part. The raffle, which I won! Three bottles of Duck Rabbit Milk Stout and three of Bell’s Expedition Stout. What’s very cool about these brews is that they are not distributed in NY. Very cool, can’t wait to try them tomorrow.

2. I received my first shipment from Hammer Nutrition today. When I called them they were so helpful and have the most amazing customer service! They sent me a bunch of extra goodies including a cool little gel flask, for gels. But I used to it put some Heed in for my run. It holds 5 oz. and has finger grips on the side, making it easier to carry while running. I’ve run with a regular 16 oz water bottle and it drove me crazy! This is not too bad. It didn’t bother me, and the Heed didn’t seem to slosh around so much. Also if I wear my Race Ready shorts I can stick it right in one of the back pockets. I’ll do a review the rest of the Heed products once I get to use them, and there may even be a giveaway 🙂

All my goodies from Hammer!

I tried the lemon lime Heed today. Yum!
My new little running flask, and Garmie waiting to go for a run. Although Garmie, decided he’s rather take a nap and shut off due to a dead battery 44 seconds into the run 😦

3. I really need to get my act together with school. I had two midterms in my last two general education classes, which I could sadly care less about. And I admit I did horrible on  them. I already got a grade back for one, and it was bad news. I’m so engrossed in working on my research, working and running that I’m seriously neglecting these two classes. I need to get back on my game. Soon enough it will be over. 10 weeks to be exact.

Question for you: What’s your favorite way to fuel while running? What kind of drinks, gels, chews do you use?

Check from strangers: Yesterday:$10    Grand total: $35

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