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Soggy 7

March 13, 2010

Sooo we got hit with a lovely Noreaster today, just in time for my 7 miler. Did that stop me?

Absolutely not. I am badass.

Me, drenched head to toe post run.

I tore through 7 miles with the team. Seven miles of heavy rain, and wind. It was raining sideways at one point. After the run I got back to my car to change before our injury clinic. EVERYTHING was soaked. I kid you not. Right down to my Under Armor underwear. I was able to ring my clothing out. But…

It was one of my best runs. I felt amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I had some aches and pains to contend with, the pads in my Thorlo socks were like soggy towels. I felt like I could have kept going. I ran so slow today but all things considered I’m fine with that. I jumped in puddles, dodged branches and chased ducks.

I ran with  girl who is doing the Long Island half, and was able to motivate one to keep running to the end. I saw myself six months ago in her, and I knew she needed the motivation and encouragement that I received from everyone at the time. Thirty more seconds, less than a half mile left. And we did it! It meant so much to me when she thanked me at the end for all the motivation and support! I’m glad I was able to return it to someone else.

After the soggy run we had an injury clinic for our participants hosted by Dr. Fryman, a local podiatrist who works with Team in Training. I was glad I went, I really learned a lot about my problems and what exactly is going on. One thing he suggested is a night splint, since my calves are always so tight. This would keep my foot flexed up towards my leg at night, keeping my calves and the plantar fascia tissue stretched, preventing it from shortening at night. That way when I wake up in the morning the first steps will not be painful. I’m thinking too that while I’m sleeping I won’t wake up in the middle of the night in pain either. Since I sleep on my stomach with my feet flatten out, like a ballerina, this will keep them in check.

Has anyone every tried these night splints or the socks? Did they help?

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  1. March 15, 2010 6:52 am

    Woot nice post! Shared it with my Facebook peeps.

  2. March 15, 2010 9:38 am

    Holy hell woman – you are a total bad ass!!! I’m in awe 🙂

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