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Three Things Thursday: The Early Edition

March 25, 2010

I am still debating the 13.1 New York which is 10 days away and I need to register in the next two days (or the price increases) Help me out people!! Should I do it our not? I slated for a 7 miler this Sat, I’m sure I can swing 13.1 right?

Also I am going to be doing Mel at Tall Mom on the Run’s Virtual 10k this Saturday! Well it will be 7 miles for me. You can get in on this action too, all for a great cause of course! Visit Tall Mom on the Run here and make a $15 donation to her Susan K. Gorman Fundraising page and you’re in. She even made the cutest racing bibs for everyone to wear 🙂 Mel is adorable!!

1. I have had the most off running week. Monday I ate something and have had mild yet annoying food poisoning this whole week so for. So I didn’t run Monday or Tuesday. Tonight I ran and I felt so lousy still. I ended up walking 4 miles around and around the track with Magdaly. Tomorrow we are going to CATZ which is an athletic training program to help build your endurance and stamina. I hear great things and hopefully it will do wonders for my core and give me the butt kicking I need! Just such an off week.

2. Three friends and family had/ have surgery this week! Yesterday my Dad had surgery to correct hammer toes that he has. He now has pins in each of his toes to help hold the bones in place until the heal correctly. He needed it though, the past few weeks he’s been barely able to walk. So even though he’s a mess now, he’ll be better soon.

3. I registered for the New York Road Runner’s Brooklyn Half marathon two days ago! I’m so excited!!! I had checked their site to see the date and lucky for me, I checked. They had posted an announcement that the race was almost full and they were closing registration that night! So I entered ASAP and made it in with Magdaly! I cannot wait to run through Brooklyn. I love it there. There is not too much I know about the course except it starts in Prospect park and ends in Coney Island. Just for the record Magdaly and I plan on a ride on the Cyclone and a hotdog 🙂 Did I mention it’s the day after my college graduation? 🙂  🙂 Double Smiles!

Bring it Brooklyn! I’m ready!!

Also Suzy at  Running on my Time is doing a Starbucks Giftcard giveaway for her birthday!  Happy Birthday Suzy!!!  Visit her here and enter to win. Seriously who doesn’t like Starbucks after a run?!

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