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Three Things Thursday

April 8, 2010

1.I’m not in. Yup. It’s okay though. Although I really wanted NYC to be my first full I know I will get to run it soon. Maybe it’s better that it’s not my first, so I can really enjoy it with out the first full struggle/ nerves. (I guess?) Congratulations to everyone who did get in!     So now the big question is, What should I run instead?

Some full options are:

  • Marine Corp Marathon 10/31
  • Philadelphia 11/21

or I thought about just going crazy and running a bunch of halves. Maybe enough to join Half Fanatics!

I’m seriously thinking about doing Marine Corp though seeing as all my TNT friends have registered allready for it.  It’s on halloween too, which might be very interesting.

Some sick twisted part of my wants to register for the New York Road Runners Knickerbocker 60k in Novemeber.

Um seriorusly where is my sanity?! 60k?? My thought is if I run a full in October or Novemeber might as well tack on some more miles and do it then. Right?

But 60k? Really Lauri? Are you nuts? It’s in central park, 9 times around Central Park!

We’ll see about that later.

2. Last night was beer club. We met at a BYOB Thai resturaunt. Kuma and I have no done BYOB before. It’s great!! The table we sat at  was covered in bottles of homebrew. Simply amazing. There is nothing so great as being in the company of other craft beer lovers and tasting, tasting, tasting. Kuma and have been brain storming different things and haven’t decided on something but I think we will be brewing this weekend. Plus we have a batch of fresh hops ,which we harvested last fall that we really should brew with. Did someone say dry-hopped IPA?

3. This weekend I’ll be doing back to back runs! I’ve never done this before. Here’s the plan:

Saturday: I will be doing a 10 mile training run with the team. Not a race or anything, but still 10 miles is 10 miles.

Sunday: I completly forgot that I signed up to run a 5k with Team Deep Purple (Our Team in Training Alumni team!) I have never run the day after a long run, ever! This will be a first. If I’m feeling good on Sunday I might go crazy and run the whole 3 miles balls out, as put by Kuma. Plus I have a sad 5K time on record of 40:21! Blah!! In my own defense that was first run back last season being broken and not running for a whole month. Um, it was also Thanksgiving morning, so there was some hangover involved. 🙂

Lastly,  I have a present for you! It’s a recipe for my favorite roasted potatoes. I’m going to put it in a separate post here: Roasted Potatoes Enjoy!

Do you or anyone you know anyone get in to New York?

What race should I register for?

Is running 60K insane?

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  1. April 8, 2010 12:54 pm

    A 60K? That is nuts! Not you doing it, just it being a 60K. I am running the Marine Corps Half with the hubby in May. And I went to college in Philly, so I think either option is good. I’m kind of leaning towards Philly for you though. I prefer the location to Northern VA.

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