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Back to Back: Marcie Mazzola 5k Race Report

April 12, 2010

I ran back to back this weekend! I really was not sure about how I was going to feel about running 10 miles and a 5k on Sunday. However it was not that bad. Today I wasn’t feeling so hot, still very sore from yesterday.

Saturday 10 Mile training run: I woke up wheezing a bit, got dressed in shorts and a short sleeve and a threw a long sleeve over it. Then left to meet the team. It was a bit chilly when I left, but I thought I would be okay. It was way cooler there than by my. Luckily for me I had just cleaned out my car and had only a heavy fleece to wear. After we started running I ditched the fleece on the side of the trail. I got through the 10 miles and if it hadn’t been so chilly and my asthma was calmer, I would have had a stronger run. However, I managed and then had a nebulizer chaser once I got home.

I slept for a better part of the day then went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Kate and Chris, and proceeded to carbo-load on Sam Adams Noble Pils for Sunday.

Sunday Marcie Mazzola 5k: Tina and I completely forgot we signed up for this. Nor did we check our training schedule before signing up. So we ran it.

Race Report:

Tina and met up then drove together to the race. Packet pick up was that morning also. I expected it to be a zoo. Once we got there I was pleasantly surprised that we got there early enough to beat the crowds. Then we met up at our Team in Training tent and kvetched until it was time to line up.

The crowd was quite small. There was under 500 runners/ walkers. It was the smallest race I’ve been to and it was great to have a small pack. We took off down the street, turned a corner and then…

a HUGE hill 😦

Seriously? Did they not know I just ran 10 miles the day before.

Tina and I chugged up it, complaining the whole way as our calves burned like hell.

That damn hill really knocked me off my game for the race. After about a third of a mile we finally got back into our interval groove, and enjoyed every downhill moment possible.

Before we knew it Garmie was chiming away letting me know that we were almost at 3 miles. Finally we sighted the finish line and sprinted down just under 40 minutes!

Offical Stats:

39:57 chip time

12:52 pace

Even though there was no timing mat at the start according to Garmie I ran:

3.15 Miles


12:41 pace

Pretty close to the chip time!

After the race we met up with My friend’s Joe and Kim and their little girl Isabella and went to Sweet Mama’s where I proceeded to eat myself silly. I had a CB Benny, which is 2 poached eggs over corned beef hash with home fries and texas toast. So yummy!

Then I went home slept and laid in bed. I was so incredibly sore. I looked like Frankenstein trying to walk up and down the stairs, my quads were burning so bad. Everything hurt. In fact I had so much pain in the front of my hip I wondered if I had a hernia.

Today however I’m not as sore as I thought I would be.

Overall: Not bad! I would do a back to back again, but plan it better. I said to Tina that this weekend was a small taste of what it would be like to do the Goofy marathon in Disney. (The Goofy is a half marathon on Saturday and a full on Sunday!)

I’m not sure about that.

Sunday made me realize that I must hill train for Marine Corp. I was informed on Saturday that the first 8 miles of Marine Corp is up hills, and with the whole “beat the bridge” at mile 20 (you need to keep a 14 min pace until mile 20) I’m going to have to be hard core about training. I plan to do some of the NYRR training long runs that they set up for the NYC full, which take place in hilly Central Park. I can’t wait for MCM!!

Have  a GREAT Week!!

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  1. April 13, 2010 7:52 am

    Congrats on the back to back weekend! It sounds like you took something away from the 5K as well…the need to hill train. Have a great week!

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