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Long Island Half Marathon 2010

May 5, 2010

I thought I was ready for this and I was not. Today was one of those races where you realize that you must be flexible with your race plan. Last week I had an absolutly amaazing 6 mile run. I ran the last mile and a change with out stopping. No intervals no walking. This came about because my asthma was so bad that I was having trouble breathing and I didn’t want to stop running. I found my “happy pace” and it was amazing when it happened. This threw me off all week leading up to the half. I really felt that I should try and do the whole 13.1 based on the last 1 mile I ran last week. Knowing this was not a good plan I though I would shoot for  and 2 and a half hour time today. However, due to race day conditions and a lack of running for 3 weeks prior due to horrid allergies/ asthma I was truly shooting way out of my league for the day.

Nope. Rule number one:

Be FLEXIBLE with your race day plan!

The course: Boring as sin, flat, Did I also mention that the Long Island half is run on what is possibly the most un-interesting course in running history? The high point was a Home Depot.

Crowd support: Depressing, next to none, those that were there watched in silence. TNT and family the best of course!

The weather: Hot and Humid as hell, I knew it would be warm but I was NOT expecting 75 degrees and 90% humidity. Madonne!

Me: Absolutely over ambitious.

Attire: Race ready shorts, TNT singlet, Feetures socks, Zensah calve sleeves, bondi band, Disney Half visor, garmin heart rate monitor.

Miles 1-4: I started out absolutely waaaaay too fast for my own good. I trudged along and the humidity really was tiring me out much faster that it should be.

Miles 5-6: Slow and steady, trucking along the course hoping for some visual excitement. A clown, a magician, maybe a funny hat or sign. Nope nothing, nada.

Miles 7-9: Home Depot! My left hip tells me where to go and the joint is causing me horrible pain. I’m pretty sure at this point it needs to be replaced. Magdaly and I get on the parkway and are on the verge of tears. Is it over yet?

Mile 10-12: We walk. And walk some more. I can barely move, I feel like the Tin Man in the wizard of Oz. Any one have an oil can?

Mile 12-13: We see Training Captain Robin, who is an absolute bundle of energy even after running a million miles. We see here at mile 12. I now have marathon brain and think that we are starting mile 12, thankfully she corrects me. She runs Magdaly and I to mile 13 where we were picked up and run in with TC Nick and TC Jen, and coaches Ann, Dave, and Jamie.

Mile 13.1: We finally crossed the dammed finish line and this shit-show of a race was finally over. Someone give me a bagel!

I never want to do the Long Island half again. It was so un-motivating. But at least there was a medal!

Finish Time: 3:13:36

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  1. April 21, 2011 2:07 pm

    Hi! I came across your post because I was searching Google to find out if there are finisher medals for the LI half. I see you too dislike this halfer lol. I signed up for it today because I figured what the hell, I’ve been running long runs might as well do a halfer but every review says it’s boring! Yikes! I see you did Team in Training, did you like the experience? Are you considering another half? Maybe even a marathon?

    Keep up the good work and happy running!


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