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NYRR Half-Marathon Grand Prix: Brooklyn

May 30, 2010

Helllo PR!

Let me start off by saying I had written off this race after the horrid experience I had at the Long Island half. I almost did not want to go to Brooklyn. It orginally was supposed to start at 8am and was changed to 7am. Guess what time I got to wake up that morning? 3:15 am Yay!

The race started in Prospect Park doing two loops around the park. Then down the Ocean Parkway ending in Coney Island.

Magdaly and I did not want to have to trek back up to Prospect Park after the race. Soo we drove to Coney Island and parked the car before the race and took the subway up to the park to the start. Just for the record Coney Island is scary looking at 5:05 am. It’s like a scene from a horror movie. Super creepy.

Pre-race: Magdaly and dropped our bags, got on the port-potty lines and did our thing. We saw our fellow TNT’r Robin who just did a Tri in St Croix! How cool!? Her boyfriend was running it and she was spectating. It was nice to have a face to find while running!

We headed to the corrals and lined up in the brown corral with the rest of the back of the pack. I sat on the ground and put a bandaid on my cracked toe which was killing me. Do you get that? It’s a little crack under the pinky toe. I get it every year at the start of the summer when I first start wearing sandals. Hate it.

Miles 1-3 HOLY CROWDED! The lanes of prospect park are a bit narrow. People with faster bibs were somehow lined up in the slow corral AKA Mine! They were pretty rude with the pushing and shoving to get through the pack. Not my fault you were late or in the wrong place! It was so crowded we missed our first 2 walk breaks because we could not slow down. There was a stampede behind us.

Mile 3: We were offically lapped by the runner who would clearly win the race. Depressing/inspiring at the same time.

Miles 4-6: Feeling good, crowd has finally thinned out and we’re almost out of the park!

Mile 7: We are out! Now on to the beach!!

Mile 8: I realized that I am feeling AWESOME and if I can step it up a tad I can make it under 3 hours. With Magdaly’s go for it I take off.

Miles 9-11: Heading straight down Ocean parkway all by myself I’m feeling good and keep running with minimal walk breaks. Some little girls on the side of the parkway yell “Hey Lady! You can do it!” They picked the perfect moment as I was starting to get tired.

Mile 12: I start seeing finishers heading back yelling out “You’re almost there!” Did I ever tell you how much I hate hearing that at races? I only want to hear it when I can see the finish line. But when it’s coming from finishers I know they are right!

Mile 13: I come off the parkway and I am directed up the ramp to the boardwalk. A volunteer tells me the end is right around the corner and I believe them. I SPRINT up this steep ramp, turn the corner and realize I’ve been had. Bastards! There is still about .60 left! I take a quick walk break and then keep running. Luckily the boardwalk is full of distractions with food stands, shops, and beer bars. I contemple stopping for a mragarita to carry across the finish line. I decide against it and keep going.

Mile .10: I approach the finish line and the camera guy signals me to put my hands up in victory. Yay I’m done! And I finished under 3 hours! PR WOOT!

I walk through the finishers area, get myself some water and a bagel. They had chocolate chip bagels! Bad idea. I had messy chocolate chip hands. Gross!

I walk back to the .10 area to wait for Magdaly, see her coming and jump in to finish with her. I realize I’m still holding the banana they gave me at the end and stick in the back pocket of my shorts. Too funny watching me shove a banana in the pocket of my race readys I’m sure. I run across with Magdaly and pause before the finish as they try to take my picture again that they should take hers.  Here is the result. It looks like I’m trying to do a little dance. Too funny!

Even though it was a super early day I had such an amazing run! I cannot wait to do Brooklyn again next year!!

Official finisher time: 2:59:09

Thanks Brooklyn!

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  1. May 30, 2010 10:28 pm

    Congrats on your finish, you look like you enjoyed yourself out there!

  2. May 31, 2010 2:05 pm

    Congrats on the PR. Congrats on breaking 3 hours! It sounds like you had a great time and are ready to head back for another round next year.

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