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About Running For Good

Running for good; making running a permanent part of my everyday life, and running to help those in need.

In August 2009, I signed up to start running with Team in Training. At the time I was not active, and definitely not a runner. The only runs I made were beer. I thought that by signing up to run and fundraise with Team in Training I would be more committed to the training, and I knew I wouldn’t be alone. My first season I was able to raise $4,230 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. I also was able to go from not running to running my first half marathon, the Disney Half, in January 2010. It was the most amazing feeling to know I was able to accomplish something so big and help others while improving myself.

While I was in Disney I was asked to become a mentor for the Team in Training since I had such success with fundraising. I joined the summer 2010 as a mentor and I am now helping new members have the amazing experience that I was able to have with TNT.

Many people make a stink about charity runners, and how we do more harm than good. I need to disagree with this. While yes there are now more people running half and full marathons than before, and yes many of us require the course to stay open, we are able to provide much good to local charities and the local running communities. We are out there raising funds that might not be raised with out us. We are shopping at running shops, helping to support them. And we are out there just plain being active, which on it’s own is fantastic.

If you would like to donate please click the donate tab at the top of these page and you can donate securely online.

If you are a member of a charity Team in Training or another charity group please comment and let me know!

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