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Five things Friday

March 19, 2010

I totally forgot about three things thursday yesterday, so let’s go with Five Things Friday instead.

1. I bought my cap and gown for graduation this week. It’s really setting in now when I see it in my living room. Holy crap I’m graduating in exactly 2 months and 2 days! Finally! Now I need to find myself a job.

2. Whole Foods finally opened a store by me!!! It’s on my way home from work. I went yesterday and I am in love with the new store! It’s  nice big store and has beautiful lighting. I spent an hour there yesterday shopping and tasting! I also love now that I can eat gelato while I’m grocery shopping. Some thing small and exciting (for me) is this cool reusable bread bag for storing bread from the bakery in that I picked up!

3. Kuma and I went out on St. Patrick’s day for a late night dinner at an Irish restaurant that has been around the corner from us for ever that we’ve never been too. What a nice way to spend our St. Patty’s day! There was an Irish band, bag pipes and Lots ‘o Guinness. Did you know that St. Patty’s day is our engagement anniversary? Four years ago we toasted over a pint of Guinness and shots of Dr. McGillicuddy’s peppermint schnapps (classy right?) and decided we should get hitched!

4. Seventeen more days until I find out if I’m in the NYC marathon or not! Come onnnnnn! I want to know already!! Stay tuned.

5. Soon it will be time to start my garden! This weather has been so nice but I’m not going to chance it yet, who knows what’s around the corner with the crazy weather. But I still have not decided what to plant yet!

So what should I plant this season?


The Nor’easter of 2010

March 14, 2010

The weather yesterday did a number on Long Island.

I have never seen so many trees, fences, and power lines down. Holy cow! Two trees came down in the yards next to us. Luckily both fell away from the power lines instead of on the power lines. Both took out fences. My BBQ blew off the deck and luckily hung on for dear life, with out falling completely off. We also lost our street sign.

Right through the fence. Usually there a car parked in that very spot on the street. Good thing not last night. In the next pictures you can see the power lines that the tree avoided.

The fence fell into our driveway.

The other tree that fell and also avoided the same power lines. This fell through the fence of the same neighbors next to us. The lost fence on both sides. Two trees down into their yard.

My poor BBQ hanging on for dear life.

On top of all this, Kuma had to go into the city yesterday for work. On the way home there was a power outage on the train signals. So his train was stuck out in Nassau for 2 hours. Luckily at a station. I went and rescued him. The roads were a mess. A mess. And there was lightning.

What a crazy storm!

Erica at  I run because… I can is hosting an Oiselle Giveaway until 3/19! You can win a cute long running top from Oiselle, go enter!

Soggy 7

March 13, 2010

Sooo we got hit with a lovely Noreaster today, just in time for my 7 miler. Did that stop me?

Absolutely not. I am badass.

Me, drenched head to toe post run.

I tore through 7 miles with the team. Seven miles of heavy rain, and wind. It was raining sideways at one point. After the run I got back to my car to change before our injury clinic. EVERYTHING was soaked. I kid you not. Right down to my Under Armor underwear. I was able to ring my clothing out. But…

It was one of my best runs. I felt amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I had some aches and pains to contend with, the pads in my Thorlo socks were like soggy towels. I felt like I could have kept going. I ran so slow today but all things considered I’m fine with that. I jumped in puddles, dodged branches and chased ducks.

I ran with  girl who is doing the Long Island half, and was able to motivate one to keep running to the end. I saw myself six months ago in her, and I knew she needed the motivation and encouragement that I received from everyone at the time. Thirty more seconds, less than a half mile left. And we did it! It meant so much to me when she thanked me at the end for all the motivation and support! I’m glad I was able to return it to someone else.

After the soggy run we had an injury clinic for our participants hosted by Dr. Fryman, a local podiatrist who works with Team in Training. I was glad I went, I really learned a lot about my problems and what exactly is going on. One thing he suggested is a night splint, since my calves are always so tight. This would keep my foot flexed up towards my leg at night, keeping my calves and the plantar fascia tissue stretched, preventing it from shortening at night. That way when I wake up in the morning the first steps will not be painful. I’m thinking too that while I’m sleeping I won’t wake up in the middle of the night in pain either. Since I sleep on my stomach with my feet flatten out, like a ballerina, this will keep them in check.

Has anyone every tried these night splints or the socks? Did they help?

Three Things Thursday

March 11, 2010

1. I turned down a permanent position at my job this week. It was so hard to make this decsion, since my boss is amazing. However it would be different from what I do now, it will still be retail, I would have to work one weekend day (which conflicts with my training schedule), it’s not enough money. The money part is not to sound greedy or whatever, but I can’t get caught in a vicious cycle of low paying jobs. Kuma and I need to get this show on the road, since we’re not getting any younger ( Say hello to officially entering the late 20’s!) Plus I’d like to seriously be able to think about buying a house sometime soon.

I did find another job listing at the hospital which is ideal money, Monday through Friday, and may even pay for some tuition (Wait, see thing number 2!) But I discovered it yesterday and it closed today, so I spent my whole free portion of last night and today writing a cover letter and finishing my resume. How stressful! I’ve never had to write a cover letter ever! I was a florist for 10 years! No one in that business cares about resumes and cover letters!

I am so grateful to Emily and my boss for helping me out with them. Yes, I said my boss. She is that awesome and understanding.

2. I’ve decided to apply to graduate school. There is a MA in public policy at my school and I met with the department about the program and I have a really good opportunity on my hands. I’d better get on that ASAP!

3. After this crazy day today, and this nasty shin splint in my legs, I’m being a bum and not running. Instead I’m drinking a Red Stripe and cooking a roast beef, for Philly cheese steaks. I’m sure I’ll regret this decision on Saturday’s 7 miler, in what is supposed to be very windy and rainy. Awesome!

I also just noticed in my Google reader how many Three Things Thursday posts there are! Enjoy them!

P.S. I see there’s lots of you reading, but there’s no comments 😉

FUNdraising: Team in Training swag

March 10, 2010

I love mentoring! I have the best group ever of mentees!!! I mean that.

My group is coming up with some cool and different fundraising ideas! One of my mentees, Magdaly, came up with this awesome fundrasier. Team in Training flip flops! So cool.

There are so many cool items that you can have made up for fundraising. Your best bet is to take orders from your team mates and others, collect payment upfront (so you’re not stuck laying out cash). Make sure when you look for vendors to make up merchandise for you that it’s a fundraiser for charity, many will help you out with lower minimums.

Here’s some ideas:

  • T-shirts
  • Jackets
  • Sweat shirts/ pants
  • Hats/ visors
  • Gym bags
  • Stickers
  • Car magnets
  • Lanyards
  • Tote bags
  • Frames
  • Bondi Bands

You know you want some sweet TNT flip flops to let your feet relax in after a long run or a swim.

Here’s the goods:

What other TNT items would be cool for fundraising?

Bondi Band Fundraiser

March 9, 2010

Here are the details…

  1. The bands will be $8 plus $2 shipping for your whole order!
  2. I have stock of Team in Training and some other styles (see below) or go to and let me know which one/ones you want!  You can order any of the guys or girls headbands (solids, patterns, phrases, symbols, etc).
  3. E-mail me at Laurichick @ with your order and  I will send you a total.  I am accepting checks and paypal.
  4. I will ship your order.

Any questions let me know. Please tell your friends, twitter this link, facebook it, post it on your blog.

Remember over 50%  goes to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

Here are the bands that I have in stock.  I can still get any band from the site you would like, but these are ready to ship immediately.  E-mail me with a quick description.  If one you like is sold I can easily get more!

Team in Training Bands, in Purple and Black (I have tons of TNT in both colors in stock)

Top Left to right: Will Run for Beer in Hunter Green and in Black

Middle Row: I belong to a drinking club with a running problem, both in black

Bottom Row: Will run for Margaritas in Navy (it looks purple in this picture) and in Hunter

Runner chick in black or white

Bunny hop polka dots

Three Things Thursday

March 5, 2010

1. Last night Kuma and I went to our first meeting of the LIBME, Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts group, at Bobbique. We were not really sure what to expect before going. It could go either way we thought. There was the possiblity of it being a group of brewing snobs, who might turn their noses up at us and our ways. Or we thought it be @#$%^& amazing. It was the latter.

First off the meeting was held at Bobbique, which has an amazing beer selection! The bottle menu had so many bottles I’d never seen before. Kuma had the Blue Point Brewery Rastafa Rye. (You can walk to Blue Point brewery from where we were.) I had the Widmar Brothers Drifter’s ale, and then Tröegs Rugged Ale. Both new to me, and both keepers.

The meeting was fun and informative too. We got to meet many other brewers, who were more than willing to help us out and get back to/more advanced with our brewing. Then the best part. The raffle, which I won! Three bottles of Duck Rabbit Milk Stout and three of Bell’s Expedition Stout. What’s very cool about these brews is that they are not distributed in NY. Very cool, can’t wait to try them tomorrow.

2. I received my first shipment from Hammer Nutrition today. When I called them they were so helpful and have the most amazing customer service! They sent me a bunch of extra goodies including a cool little gel flask, for gels. But I used to it put some Heed in for my run. It holds 5 oz. and has finger grips on the side, making it easier to carry while running. I’ve run with a regular 16 oz water bottle and it drove me crazy! This is not too bad. It didn’t bother me, and the Heed didn’t seem to slosh around so much. Also if I wear my Race Ready shorts I can stick it right in one of the back pockets. I’ll do a review the rest of the Heed products once I get to use them, and there may even be a giveaway 🙂

All my goodies from Hammer!

I tried the lemon lime Heed today. Yum!
My new little running flask, and Garmie waiting to go for a run. Although Garmie, decided he’s rather take a nap and shut off due to a dead battery 44 seconds into the run 😦

3. I really need to get my act together with school. I had two midterms in my last two general education classes, which I could sadly care less about. And I admit I did horrible on  them. I already got a grade back for one, and it was bad news. I’m so engrossed in working on my research, working and running that I’m seriously neglecting these two classes. I need to get back on my game. Soon enough it will be over. 10 weeks to be exact.

Question for you: What’s your favorite way to fuel while running? What kind of drinks, gels, chews do you use?

Check from strangers: Yesterday:$10    Grand total: $35