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Favorite Running Gear

This is an ever growing list of some of my running staples:

Garmin Forerunner 305:

I love being able to run with out thinking about it. The 305 has a great interval setting which allows me to set run and walk periods, then beeps when it’s time to switch. It also keeps my overall time, distance, pace and heart rate information. Best of all I plug it into the computer after each run, and all my data is uploaded onto my Garmin training center. I am able to see graphs of speed, distance, pace, time, incline and heart rate for each run. Plus a map of where I ran. I purchased the Garmin on which had the best price, and free shipping!

Road ID:

Last fall when I first started running, I was out running and almost was hit by a Hummer! It was one of the scariest moments of my life. (I also never ran so fast out of the way!) The driver was not paying attention at a stop light as I crossed the driveway, pulling out to make a right on red, almost hitting me. (He was so close I smacked my first of the hood of the car.) Very scary moment. On the run back home I kept thinking about what would have happen if I was hit. I had no identification on me. Bad, bad, bad idea. I had remembered seeing an ad for Road ID on the Runner’s world web site and ordered on that night. Every run I go on I have it with me. I ordered the wrist ID band, but keep it on my running shoe so it’s always there and I don’t forget it, but I am able to wear it on my wrist on race days when I need to put timing chips and pouches on the tops of my shoes. It was the best $19.99 I ever spent. Road IDs are available fully customized on their website (If you use this link, Road ID, 10% of your purchase is donated to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society)

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